Simplicity added!

HTC Greyline™, world leading technology in a powerful and cost effective package!

HTC Greyline™ is a new series of floor grinding equipment from HTC consisting of four different sizes of floor grinders, two dust extractors, diamond tools and special accessories.

All machines in the Greyline™ series are made in a simple and robust but yet stylish and functional design. HTC Greyline™ is a highly price competitive option to any other single speed floor grinder on the market.

  • simple design
  • robust construction
  • single speed
  • high quality
  • functional
  • price competitive

Applications for HTC Greyline™

Floor preparation & renovation

HTC Greyline™ effectively removes all types of floor coverings like epoxy, self-leveling compound paint, adhesives and carpet remnants. It will leave a leveled, flat concrete surface ready to be prepared with a new floor.

Concrete grinding & surface levelling

When grinding it’s easy to remove bumps from old or newly casted concrete floors. The concrete floor becomes flat and the need for self-leveling compound is minimized.

Wood grinding

It sure sounds incredible that it is possible to refine and finalize a wooden floor with the same machine that grinds concrete. Just change the tools beneath the machine to sandpaper and the machine is now a sander for wooden floors.

The benefits

Keep the customers – create more sales!

Keep the flooring jobs within your company, there are much money to be made on floors and most floors needs to be grinded at one time or another.

Easy tool choice

Three standard tools in different grit sizes for removal of coatings and leveling of concrete are all the tools needed, it can’t be easier.

Ultra-fast change of diamond tools!

HTC EZchange™ is the world’s most widely used tooling system for grinding machines. The tools beneath the machine can be changed in seconds, and fits all HTC’s grinding machines.

The secret – World leading technology

The secret to Greyline’s efficiency and versatility are, in addition to HTC’s unique diamond tools, the planetary drive.  Grinding works on all surfaces and with a flat, leveled floor as the result. In 1992 HTC made the first planetary grinder and since, HTC is the world leader.

HTC quality guaranteed!